In November of 2021,
we lost a friend in a devastating way.

It was a week before his wedding and it greatly impacted us - it still does today. Elijah Stepherson was a good man with a kind soul, in addition to being one of the most talented songwriters and music artists we have ever met. He was unique, incomparable and irreplaceable. We all miss him every day and Pensacola has lost an incredible member of the community.

His loss left us reeling, but it also highlighted a huge problem that is often overlooked - men’s mental health. It’s a problem for two particular reasons: cultural or societal pressure, and financial access. The first one can be discussed to no end, but the second one is a problem that we decided to address by starting The Campfire Fund of Florida, which provides access to counseling for those who cannot afford it. It’s named after our favorite song of Elijah’s, “Campfire”. Our entire lives we have seen and dealt with - firsthand - what unresolved mental health issues can become. We have lost or almost lost many friends and family because of it. It has affected us personally.

What started as an idea for a benefit concert has since evolved into the foundation for a nonprofit. Our timeline was very short this year and especially with conflicting schedules, but in the future we will be growing this into what it deserves and ultimately needs to be. We want our friends, families and many more to be able to get the help they need before it’s too late. We don’t want to bear another avoidable loss like Elijah.
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We are here for you.
  • While we know we will not always be able to reach everyone, we can at least help provide
  • Access to resources for men to find and afford the mental health services they need.
  • We are working with Thrive Therapy Services, LLC in Pensacola, Florida to help accomplish this goal.
  • Thrive Therapy Services will be the beneficiary of any funds raised and those funds will be set aside to offset or cover any cost associated with counseling for men in our community that are struggling with their mental health needs.
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The spark that ignited The Campfire Fund

The loss of a friend and the ever-familiar heartache that followed -

Personally seeing the growing need for help amongst our friends and others that goes unaddressed, the Fund was founded with an overwhelming desire to help those that were suffering - often silently - to find and afford the mental health resources they and so many others desperately need.

Men’s mental health is a problem that is too-often overlooked, attended to with indifference, and therefore neglected until the burden is too heavy to bear. We have seen this time and time again.

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A Dedication to Elijah

Building a Community of Support for Men's Mental Health.

We strive to provide everything possible to help our fellow man, often hurting, often silently. The more hands out reached, the better chance of reaching that person who may be lost in the storm of the mind.

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